Town house, Worcester Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

It was from Town House that the history of Avoncroft Museum began. In 1967, after rebuilding, this example of a medieval townhouse became the first exhibit of the museum in Bromsgrove. The house was originally located on the corner of Worcester Road and Station Road in Bromsgrove. During the dismantling of the building, a medieval coin was discovered, so that the approximate age of the building could be determined as late 15th century. It is a typical timber-framed ”hall house ” with one large room with a high ceiling. In the end of 19th century building was divided into a shop and small cottages. The building, despite being historic, was to be demolished because there was a need to widen the street in the 1960s. Thanks to a group of people involved, it was saved. Rebuilding was done by Mr Grunold Greiner, a medieval carpentry expert.

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