This was second time when I took some photos of horses in my neighbourhood. Spring, foals time, mares gave births straight in the filed, without any help and assist from people. I have passed field one day and the next day there was little foal like a kind of miracle. This was something new to me. I have never seen horses all year round in the field without stable. At the beginning I was suspicious. I was looking for every sign of illness and checked on horses couple times a week. Later, it was even every day, with the second herd I have spotted on the other field. I couldn’t understand how it is possible to keep stallion with mares on the same field, because I knew only different ways dealing with stallions. In stables where I used to ride, stallions were always kept closed in stable and the only occasion to leaving their boxes was when they were taken for a riding lesson. I’m not complaining, of course I am grateful to opportunity to see new things in this world like always.

The more I learned and observed these horses the more understanding of this kind of keeping horses came to me. Firstly I only took photos of them, later I also started to look for information about this topic online. Now, when I’m writing this there are no horses in my neighbourhood any more. Part of me is thinking they end sadly, but who knows, I hope I’m wrong.

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