The Avoncroft Museum is an open-air museum of architecture located in Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. There are about 30 old buildings moved from elsewhere in the county and from the surrounding counties. The buildings are restored and can be visited. Surrounded by greenery, there are buildings of various types from medieval town house, tollhouse, windmill and prefabricated post-war house.

The String of Horses Inn, Shrewsbury

After entering the museum, the first thing we can visit is the charming timber-framed building The String of Horses Inn, which now serves as a Tea Room. Actually, I would recommend leaving it to the end. After seeing all the buildings, delicious coffee will be the most desirable.  Building was built in 1576 and originally based in Shrewsbury. Firstly was used as a mansion, secondly between 1828 and 1907 as an inn and then became the Shrewsbury Co-operative Society. The building burned down in 1912, but was rescued and has been in a museum since about 1973.


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