During few of my visits in Tara I used about 7 photographic films, black and white and color. Most I did portraits of rescued horses, but I also focused on capturing their relationships and behaviours. It is the specifics of photographic films, that caused the atmospheric, blurred and even painterly effect in the pictures. Back then, before 2007, when I bought my first digital camera, I loved black and white photos. I purposely used films with high ISO of 400, 800 and even 1600. Thanks to that I received my dream effects. I even decided to show my photos from Tara at a photography exhibition in 2006. It took place at the CK Zamek in Lesnica in Wroclaw.

The transition from analogue to digital photography was a shock to me. I could not find myself in the new world and use the possibilities of creating an image with the help of retouching in image processing programs.
Continuing photography in photographic films has become too expensive. Also the availability of these materials was getting smaller. After several unsuccessful attempts with a digital camera, I stopped photographing horses. It was around 2008. At that time, I focused on simpler objects, for example, documenting architecture of Lesnica, where I lived at the time.

From those times I had dozens of developed films with photos of horses, which I now show You with great pleasure. This is a closed chapter for me in an adventure, but I decided to continue. This time I am full of curiosity and want to learn the secrets of photography. Like they say: better late than never!

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