Windmill, Danzey Green, Tanworth in Arden, Warwickshire

Windmill was built around 1830 in Tanworth, Warwickshire by Robert Summers who has moved there from Hadley, Worcestershire. It is typical Midlands ”post mill”, the upper part of which can be turned in the direction in which the wind blows. Windmill only operated for about 44 years. Unfortunately, a storm blew off the sails of the windmill. Since then, mill has fallen into oblivion. Windmill was dismantled in 1969. The reconstruction of the structure took about 7 years, but mill was restored to a working order.
At the museum in the mill, volunteers mill flour while maintaining the old methods. Different types of flour can be bought in the shop at the entrance to the museum. I was tempted to spelled flour and it turned out to be much better for baking bread than those that I previously bought in supermarkets. You can also buy some types of flour from the Avoncroft Museum in the store Nature’s Intention in Bromsgrove.

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