The photographs were taken at the Gladyszow Hucul horse stud in the end of July 2007. These are analog photographs and were taken with a Nikon F80 camera on Ilford and Kodak photographic films.
The Hucul horse stud is located in the district of Gorlice in the Low Beskids (Beskid Niski) in Poland. Stables are located in the mountain villages named Gladyszow and Regietow. Hucul horses are primitive breed of mountain horses and have a height at the withers – stallions from 135 to 145 cm, mares from 132 to 143 cm. The coat is usually bay and mouse dun – in various shades, piebald, rarely black or chestnut. For bay and dun horses, a dark dorsal stripe and zebra stripes on the legs is desirable, while varieties are undesirable. Hutsul horses have proved to be exceptionally hardy, strong, versatile and mild-tempered.

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